FIXICC H2 is the next generation of FIX Integrated Control Center (FIXICC).

FIXICC H2 is a web-based application accessible via the browser.

It is designed to administer, configure and monitor the FIXEdge line of products, including standalone and clusters of FIX engines.

It uses REST API to access and control FIXEdge.

It uses a database to store and manage FIX sessions configurations and schedules.

FIXICC H2 is easy to deploy and update. FIXICC H2 distribution kit consists of one .jar file.

FIXICC H2 is extendible and customizable:

FIXICC H2 version 21Q3

This release covers integration with FIXEDGE C++ 6.11.6 and FIXEdge Java 1.9.0.

New business layer configuration for FIXEdge C++ features:

  1. Managing server scripts:
  2. Editing scripts
  3. Using the inline scripts in the business layer configuration

New monitoring features:

TA monitoring (FIXEDGE C++ 6.11.6 supports monitoring of Kafka, RESTAcceptor, RESTInitiator, and FIXEdge Java 1.9.0 supports monitoring of SMTP, JMS, KAFKA):

FIX Logs viewer:

New control features:

  1. Start and stop operations for the TA configured for the FIXEdge Java servers
  2. Updated the "Changed seq num" form:

New configuration settings

  1. Ability to configure and work with the LDAP server
  2. Ability to configure the connection of  FEJ and FIXICC H2 through the HTTPS

FIXICC H2 version 21Q2

This release covers integration with FIXEDGE C++ 6.11.2.

New Features

FIXICC H2 version 21Q1

This release covers integration with FIXEdge Java 1.8.

New features and improvements:

FIXICC H2 version 20Q4:

This release covers integration with FIXEDGE Java 1.7.

FIXICC H2 functionally covers the creation and editing of configurations as well as monitoring of FIX servers in real-time.

The FIXICC H2 graphical user interface is designed to bring information about servers and sessions and events in one compact view.

It is relying on the chosen context, so it allows navigating efficiently from a server to a session and to events and to logs.

It also allows accessing information directly setting search criteria for a selected server, session, or event.

Each user can configure the FIXICC H2 interface individually.