Quick start

This way presumes that you have got splunk package for your FixEdge installation (FixEdgeViewer.Linux.tar.gzFixEdgeViewer.Windows.tar.gz).

Install  Splunk package

do the following steps:


Configure FIXEdgeViewer



Run FIXEdgeViewer

Now you can go to Splunk instance's home page. There should be button named "FixEdgeViewer".

By clicking it you now can view FixEdge.log of your FixEdge instance:

This app allows you to filter log events by criteria such as category, severity, their combinations or custom filter expression. Also you can set maximum amount of records to see in search result and time period you look up through. Also for convenience this app has some filter presets (predefined criteria combinations). You can further inspect the context of some event by clicking on a row in a selection table.