Prerequisites and system requirements


Any modern Intel-based server or workstation with 64 bit CPU.


Check specified ports are opened:

Installation of FIXEdge with FIXICC

FIXEdge Components

Expected packages are located in /downloads (versions may differ):

Steps to install

The installation assumes that FIXEdge will be installed in C:\B2BITS directory:

  1. Create B2BITS directory
  2. Unpack FIXEdge *.zip archive
  3. Put licenses (engine.license and fixaj2-license.bin) into FIXEdge's root dir
    Please refer to How to update license files for detailed information.
  4. Install and Start FIXICC Agent daemon:

  5. Wait several minutes fixicc-agent daemon started. Check B2BITS/FIXEdge/fixicc-agent/logs/fixicc-agent.log has no errors and there are messages of agent's state at tail of the log file:
    INFO|13743/0|Service FIXICC - Agent Server|14-06-19 20:39:15|Agent is started successfully
    INFO|13743/0|Service FIXICC - Agent Server|14-06-19 20:39:15|Agent started on port: 8903
  6. Install FIXEdge service:

  7. Launch FIXICC:


    Please refer to FIXICC User Guide for further instructions.

  8. Create Server and use defaults parameters:
  9. Right Click on created server and choose 'Connect'.
  10. Status change color from red to purple. 
  11. Right Click on created server and choose 'Start server'.
  12. Status change color from purple to green. 

Installation complete.