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This article is intended to help customers who use ICE Private Order Feed Drop Copy connection to upgrade their FIXEdge based solution to the latest version. The article provides upgrade instruction for the following scenarios:

  • Upgrade of the existing ICE Private Order Feed Drop Copy setup

Please note, if you have multiple connections (not only ICE Private Order Feed Drop Copy) on the same FIXEdge instance, contact to get full upgrade instruction.

Upgrade of the existing ICE Private Order Feed Drop Copy setup

This section shows how to upgrade existing version of ICE Private Order Feed Drop Copy solution. It is assumed that after the upgrade:

  • ICE Private Order Feed Drop Copy solution will contain latest FIXEdge version with all the new features and bugfixes
  • all customer's specific ICE Private Order Feed Drop Copy configurations and database schemes will be discarded
  • no migration of existing data from the current database to the new upgraded database takes place (means new clean Database from the package to be setup)

Upgrade Preparation

  1. Make sure you have sufficient administration permissions for further uninstall/install procedures.
  2. Download new ICE Private Order Feed Drop Copy solution package for the corresponding OS version from the Client Space;
  3. Stop the FIXEdge instance;
  4. Stop the FIXICC-agent instance;
  5. Remove all the files except servers.xml from FIXICC's working dir .fixicc/dev normally placed in C:\Users\%USER%\AppData\Roaming directory;
  6. Make a backup copy of your current installation (configuration and binaries);
  7. Make a backup copy of your current license (engine.license).
    If your license has expired or was lost, contact to obtain the new one;

Upgrade Process

  1. Upgrade FIXEdge:
    1. For Windows version:
      Replace* all the files in <bin> directory with new binaries from the package;
    2. For Linux version:
      Replace* files in  <bin> directory with new binaries from the package - all except *.sh files;

  2. Upgrade FIXICC:
    1. Replace* the whole <fixicc-agent> directory with new one from the package;
    2. Replace* the whole <fixicc> directory with new one from the package;

    "Replace" in this context means that files should be deleted from the current FIXEdge directory and new files from the package should be added there. This clarification is made in order to avoid the situation when two (or more) same libraries with different versions appear in the directory as it may cause issues.

  3. Replace <jre> directory with new one from the package;
  4. Update all the files in the FIXEdge /conf directory with files from the new package except the following ones which should be preserved from your current installation:
    1. ICEPOF_Logon.msg
    4. BL_Config.xml
  5. Update database using 'ICE_POF_database.sql' scripts (adjust change the database name if necessary
  6. Start the FIXICC-agent instance;
  7. Start the FIXEdge via FIX Integrated Control Center (FIXICC)

In order to ensure that upgraded ICE Trade Capture solution was successfully setup, please check the FixEdge.log file:

  • Find the following record with the target FIXEdge version:

    2016-09-20 10:46:19,459 UTC   INFO    [CC_Layer]  5552  FIXEdge Version X.Y.Z (rxyz) started
  • Make sure there are no [ERROR] records in the log file.
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