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FIXEdge/J 1.3.0

April 3, 2019

New Features and Improvements

  • Added key-value in-memory data storage.
    •  FIXEdge/J provides an ability to store information in the memory for purposes of message enrichment during the routing process. Please find additional information in the article In-memory data context.
  • Added Store-And-Forward intermediate queue.
    • FIXEdge/J provides functionality that messages are stored and forwarded in the event that a connection with one of the counterparties is dropped and messages are not delivered. For additional information please refer to the article Store And Forward Queue.
  • Configuration and deployment to WildFly were added.
    • Added ability to deploy and configure FIXEdge/J on a Wildfly server. For additional information please refer to the article Installation in WildFly
  • Added support for session qualifiers.
    • Session qualifier gives the user an ability to create several sessions with the same SenderCompId and TargetCompId.
  • FIXEdge/J 1.3.0 is based on the FIX Antenna Java 2.20.0.

Bugs and fixes

  • FIXEdge/J does not log the session initialization/registration event.
    • Problem description: FIXEdge/J creates/registers/initializes session according to the schedule. The record about this event doesn't appear in the log.
    • Solution: Logging process of such events was fixed.
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