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CME secure logon provides an ability to logon using SHA256 digital signature technique. This logon feature has been introduced by CME recently and provides highest security. 

It's needed to obtain security keys file from CME in order to use it .Once it is available, FIX Antenna can be configured to use secure logon for connecting to CME. 

It can be done both ways using API or with configuration file ( 

First approach - using API: 

3 members of SessionExtraParametes structure have to be set before passing it to createSession() API call. 

  1. cmeSecureKeysFile_ that contains path to CME keys files. E.g.: CMEKeys.txt.
  2. customSessionType_ has to be set to Engine::CME_SECURE_LOGON. It tells engine to use CME secure logon scheme.
  3. sendLastMsgSeqNumProcessed_ has to be set to true. 

Second approach - using file: 

3 additional session configuration parameters have to be set. 

  1. FixLayer.FixEngine.Session.Session_Name.CMESecureKeysFile that contains path to CME keys files.
  2. FixLayer.FixEngine.Session.Session_Name.CustomSessionType has to be set to CME_SECURE_LOGON. It tells engine to use CME secure logon scheme.
  3. FixLayer.FixEngine.Session.Session_Name.sendLastMsgSeqNumProcessed has to be set to true.
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