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To configure Eclipse for building and debugging FIX Antenna's samples or your own applications based on FIX Antenna library you can follow these steps:

  1. Assumptions:
    • The workspace is located under the following path:


    • FIX Antenna distribution is located in a directory above: /home/mute/sample/
    • Xerces-c library is installed on the machine.



2.       Add empty C++ project for each executable (for example for “Listener”):



 Click “Next”.                                                                 


3.       The following window will appear:


Click “Finish”.



4.       You should be able to see the project in projects explorer:


5.       Add projects dependencies: Path to FixAntenna headers - for all projects



6.       Add paths to libraries (both FixAntenna & xerces-c) - for all projects:



7.       Add reference to FixAntenna library in linker settings tab sheet - for all projects:


8.       Add build targets for all projects:



9.   Build targets:



10.   Create launch configurations for debug - for all projects:


Specify LD_LIBRARY_PATH under the “Environment” tab-sheet :



11.   Apply changes and click “Debug”. Eclipse should switch into “Debug” perspective and show debugger tracing: