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  1. Make sure the session is in one of the following statuses:
  2. Click Show session notifications in the additional menu in either
    • The Object info layout part (see below)
    • Figure. Show session notifications fromthe Object info layout part.
    • The Session Dynamic State page (see below)
    • Figure. The Show session notifications option.

  3. Then FIXICC H2 opens the Notifications page (see below). Note that:
    • The Object field is empty and disabled
    • The Event Source field is filled with the session name and disabled
    • By default, the notifications list is filtered by the current session name
    • Using the Default Filter, you can filter session notifications by date

      titleSee the instructions

      Multiexcerpt include
      MultiExcerptNameDefault Filter
      PageWithExcerptEPMBFIXA:View settings

    • The Extended Filter is available on the page

      titleSee the instructions

      Multiexcerpt include
      MultiExcerptNameExtended Filter
      PageWithExcerptEPMBFIXA:View settings

      Figure. The Notifications page filtered by session name.