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Individual dictionaries

FIX Eye FIXEye can apply an individual dictionary to a particular log file or a set of files. 

By default, FIX Eye FIXEye reads all loaded log files according to the basic dictionaries. To read a log file using individual custom dictionaries, you need to attach it to the file. 


Attach a dictionary to a FIX log file

To load a FIX log file(s) with a custom dictionary attached:

  1. Click the Click Add Files…
  2. Click the Click Browse… button and  and choose the file(s)
  3. Select the Add custom dictionary checkbox and choose a dictionary file (click Browse… button)
  4. Click the Click OK button
  5. If the dictionary is successfully attached to the file(s), the dictionary file path will be displayed in the tooltip

Now all files with a custom dictionary attached will be read using the specified dictionary.


The dictionary that updates (changes) the default FIX Eye FIXEye dictionary. All files wich that are read according to the default dictionary will be read according to the updated dictionary after updating.

Code example:

Code Block
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
		<fixdic fixversion="4.2" title="ATLAS FIX 4.2" date="20210409" revision="" id="FIX42">

After attaching an updating dictionary file that has the id = <FIX4X>, <FIX50>, <FIX50SP1>, <FIX50SP2>, <FIXT11>, the corresponding basic dictionary (with the same ID) basic dictionary will be updated.

Change an attached dictionary

To attach another dictionary to a FIX log file, remove the log file from the list of log files (the "Files" sectionin the Files section) and open it again with a new dictionary attached (see Attaching a dictionary to FIX log file). 


To load a set of dictionaries:

  1. Choose the Choose Load dictionaries optiondictionaries
  2. Select the required dictionaries
  3. Click the Click Openbutton

QuickFIX dictionaries support

FIX Eye FIXEye supports reading QuickFIX log files.


If the QuickFIX dictionary file name is: FIX40.xml, FIX41.xml, FIX42.xml, FIX43.xml, FIX44.xml, FIX50.xml, FIX50SP1.xml, FIX50SP2.xml, or FIXT11.xml please change it, otherwise. Otherwise, the dictionary will not be loaded or attached.

Attach a QuickFIX dictionary to a FIX log file

  1. Click Add Files…
  2. Click Browse… button and  and choose the file(s)
  3. Select Add custom dictionary checkbox and choose a dictionary file (click Browse… button)
  4. Click OK button

FIXT dictionaries support

FIX Eye FIXEye supports FIX log file reading using the FIXT dictionary with a custom application dictionary. 

Load custom FIXT dictionaries

To load a FIXT dictionary dictionary:

  1. Choose the option Load dictionaries
  2. Select a dictionary
  3. Click Openbutton

Attach a FIXT dictionary to a FIX log file

  1. Click Add Files…
  2. Click Browse… button and  and choose a file(s)
  3. Select Add custom dictionary checkbox, select FIXT checkbox and choose a dictionary file (click Browse… button)
  4. Click OK button

Search with FIXEye

Search methods


Pipe symbols (‘|’) can be used as delimiters in the log files and the text pasted from the clipboard instead of the SOH symbols

FIX Eye FIXEye reads the pipe-delimited files the same way as SOH-delimited ones.



All delimiters must be the same type

Newline symbol ignorance

FIX Eye FIXEye ignores the newline symbols: