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The example of such a rule:

Code Block
		<!-- Send email on every session status change. Ignore Temp sessions.-->
		<Rule Description="Send emails with session state change notifications" >
    				<!—Apply--Apply to each internal message -->
   				<FixSession SenderCompID="fake" TargetCompID="fake" />
  <			</Source>
				<!—Apply--Apply to  35 35=C only -->
				<!-- Apply to messages with 147 tag filled with session status   -->
   				<MatchField Field="147" Value=".*(AttemptToConnect|Established|Terminated correctly|Non-gracefully terminated)" />
				<!-- Forward the message to SmtpClient   -->
   <Send><Client 				<Send>
					<Client Name="TestSMTPClient"/><>

This rule sends the notification to the SMTP TA client if any of configured FIX sessions changes its state.