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A FIXEdge user can configure the mode that considers a Logout message as the end of the trading day by setting the property FixLayer.FixEngine.Session.Session_Name.RecreateOnLogout = truefalse.

On Logout, FIXEdge notifies to stop the reconnection of FIX sessions and change the state of the sessions to Correctly Terminated.


If reconnection is or keeping sequences are not needed, this option should be used in a combination with FixLayer.FixEngine.Session.Session_Name.TerminateOnLogout. For example:

Results with the session object will be removed and FIX logs will be moved to an archive after receiving the Logout (5) message.


For keeping session in memory (don't move logs to archive after Logout), keep sequencing and store outgoing messages the user should specify options: 


The trading day (EOD and SOD times), and hence the time for the next reconnection for the session, is configured with FIXEdge schedule. Refer to the Cron-Like Session Schedule Properties article for details.the FIXEdge schedule. Refer to the Cron-Like Session Schedule Properties article for details.

FIXEdge can endlessly recreate the session after the Logout (5) messages if the properties are:

Reset sequences on each logon or logout


Successful connection of FIX Session initiates the 24-hour timer. 


The sequences are reset without session disconnection when the session is being established

FIX Antenna C++

FIX Antenna Java




Reset sequences once a week


  • "-1" - disabled, default
  • "0" - does not resend real messages, replies with GapFill
  • any positive number - the maximum number of messages in the FIXEdge response

If the option is not disabled, FIXEdge will ignore the duplicates of resend requests.