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Crontab scripts examples for credentials: 

  • username - test
  • password - test
  • remote host -
  • session name - session1
  1. It is needed to add 2 two additional commands to the crontab that will start the session at 7 PM Sat and 11 AM Sun:

    Code Block
    sshpass -p test ssh -t -p 2000 'session start session1'
  2. It is needed to add 2 two additional commands to the crontab that will stop the session at 11 AM Sun and 6 PM Sun

    Code Block
    sshpass -p test ssh -t -p 2000 'session start session1'


Code Block
plink.exe -P 2000 -l test -pw test -batch -t session start session1

How to configure Echo between FIXEdge Java and Simple Client

Echo configuration between FIXEdge Java and Simple Client is performed in the following way:

  1. Install FIXEdge Java.
  2. Create a new file fixedgej-x.x.x\conf\session\ for add session TestEchoAcceptor.
    Configure session parameters there:

    Code Block
    startOnload = true
  3. Configure BL rules in fixedgej-x.x.x\conf\rules.groovy

    Code Block
    RoutingContext rc = routingContext as RoutingContext;
            messageRule("FIXEDGE -> FIXECHOCLIENT")
                    .sourceCondition({ source -> == "TestEchoAcceptor" })
                        ctx ->
                            def destination = rc.getDestinationById("TestEchoAcceptor")

    The session-id value in the rule == "TestEchoAcceptor" is the same as the id in the session configuration file

  4. Run FIXEdge Java.
    E.g. via run script:
    • Windows: Go to the FIXEdge Java installation dir fixedgej-x.x.x\bat\ and run the runConsole.bat script
    • Linux: Go to the FIXEdge Java installation dir fixedgej-x.x.x/bin and run the script
  5. Open FIX Client Simulator.
    Create a new session as Initiator:

    Code Block
    Session type: Initiator
    TargetCompID = FIXEdgeJ
    FIX Version = 4.4
    Remote Port = 8911 (server.port parameter in FEJ -> fixedgej-x.x.x\conf\ )
    Remote Host = localhost (or IP address/hostname of the FIXEdge Java server)

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    The default port for session acceptors is 8911 and specified as server.port parameter in file.

    NOTE: SenderCompID on the FCS side should have the same value as TargetCompId on the FIXEdge side.
    And TargetCompId on the FCS side should be the same as SenderCompID on FIXEdge's side.

  6. Send the message from FIX Client Simulator (Pipe character is used to represent SOH character).

    Code Block
    titleNew Order - Echo test.msg

    The file contains SOH symbols: NewOrderEchoTestMessage.txt

  7. Echo message from FIXEdge is received.

    Code Block