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If for some reason FIXEdge can't complete this operation, FIXICC H2 displays an error form.

If the operation can't be finished, the business rules configuration won't be updated on the FIXEdge side.



FIXICC H2 allows managing and editing server scripts via UI. After editing, the changes will be applied to the business layer configuration in run time.

To view server scripts:

  1. Click Configurations > Servers > Show all servers (left menu bar)
  2. Select a server in the Servers table view
  3. Click Configurations > View Scripts in the Object view
  4. Script table view is opened in a new tab

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Figure. View server scripts

Script table view


The script table view contains:

  1. A filtering pane
  2. An action pane
  3. A list of scripts in the table

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Figure. Script table view

Filtering pane

The filtering pane allows filtering the list of scripts by:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Category (General, Routing, Transformation, Enrichment, Storage, Multi-purpose, Util)
  • Language (JavaScript, XSLT)
  • Status (Enabled, Disabled)
titleSee the instractions

Multiexcerpt include
MultiExcerptNameDefault Filter
PageWithExcerptView settings

As well you can use the Extended Filter

titleSee the instructions

Multiexcerpt include
MultiExcerptNameExtended Filter
PageWithExcerptView settings

Action pane

  • Create - Allows creating a new script or loading an existing script from a file
  • Clone  - Opens a copy of the selected script for editing in a new tab
  • Edit - Opens the selected script for editing in a new tab
  • Remove - Removes the selected script

Script details view

The script details view contains the following script details:

  • Name
  • Language (JavaScript, XSLT)
  • Category (General, Routing, Transformation, Enrichment, Storage, Multi-purpose, Util)
  • Status (Enabled, Disabled)
  • Script body

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Figure. Script details

The options in the script details view include:

  • View in tab - Opens the script details in a new tab
  • Edit - Opens the script for editing in a new tab
  • Disable/Enable - Disables/enables the script. (details)
  • Additional menu - Allows removing the script

Creating a script

To create a new script:

  1. Click Create in the Script table view
  2. Click Create new JavaScript or Create new XSLT

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Figure. Create dropdown (Create script)

Uploading a script

To upload an existing script from a file:

  1. Click Load in the Script table view
  2. Click Load JavaScript file or Load JavaScript file
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  3. Figure. Create dropdown (Upload script)