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The listening port is assigned to each node of the replication service, depending on its role. If you change the node’s role, the listening port is not changed. One and the This same port will be always listened by the leader and the backups will always know how to contact it. Same for the port that is listened by the backups.


  1. Use PersistenceEnableFactory for the storageFactory property. This factory allows using the Persistence API for storing a FIX session's state. PersistenceEnableFactory is based on FilesystemStorageFactory and delegates all operation Persistence API objects. Working with this API requires the implementation of PersistentFactoryBuilder. The last one should construct an instance of PersistenceFactory.
  2. Define ReplicatedPersistenceFactoryBuilder like a factory builder for PersistenceEnableFactory. ReplicatedPersistenceFactoryBuilder implements PersistentFactoryBuilder and builds a replicated instance of the factory. It uses replicationTimeout options from FIX antenna configs (or from session’s Configuration instance) to configure synchronous or asynchronous replication more for the FIX session.
  3. Define replication timeout in milliseconds. A zero value for this option will enable asynchronous replication for a FIX session.