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Comment: Fix minimum value for quorum-size


  1. Define a unique node name for each instance (conf/cluster.xml):

    Code Block
  2. Enable the Hazelcast Cluster Quorum mechanism and define the minimum number of machines required in a cluster for the cluster to remain in an operational state (conf/cluster.xml): 

    Code Block
        <quorum enabled="true" name="fixedgeJQuorum">

    Please note that the minimum value for quorum-size is 2.

  3. Update the profile parameter to fej-ha in wrapper configuration (conf/wrapper.conf) to enable the HA functionality:

    Code Block
    # Java Additional Parameters =
  4. Define parameters for FIX session replication in session configuration (for example, in conf/session/samples/s_fixDefault.propertiesto enable for all FIX session samples)

    Code Block
    # use the Persistence API for storing the FIX session state
    # use the Persistence API implementation with replication between nodes
    # replication timeout in milliseconds. A zero value for this option will enable asynchronous replication for the FIX session.