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  • FIXICC H2 is designed for different database management systems
  • FIXICC H2 relies on Service Discovery of the FEJ service to find and monitor servers and their health
  • FIXICC H2 allows customizing UI theme


FIXICC H2 version 22H1

FIXICC H2 ecosystem connectivity with Consul via HTTPS

Including the following components:

  • FIXICC H2 with the ability to configure the number of reconnection attempts  
  • FIXEdge Java
  • FIXEdge C++
  • FIXEye Agent

Configurations Persistent Cache

  • Ability for FIXEdge C++ to start with the previously saved configuration without access to FIXICC H2
  • Ability for FIXEdge Java to start with the previously saved configuration without access to FIXICC H2

Configurations Import

  • The sessions' configurations from a ZIP archive
  • The Business Layer Configuration from JSON file (ZIP archive)
  • The scripts from a ZIP archive
  • The schedules from a ZIP archive

Configurations Export to JSON format

  • The Business Layer Configuration
  • The scripts
  • The schedules

Configuration Export to server native format   

FIXEdge C++ server configuration export (Business layer components, FIX sessions, JavaScripts, and XSLT)

  • FIX sessions' properties
  • Business Layer Configuration

FIXEdge Java server configuration export (Business layer components, FIX sessions, Groovy scripts)

  • Business Layer Configuration
  • FIX sessions properties

Configurations Migration

From legacy FIXEdge C++ to FIXICC H2 database

  • Business Layer configuration
  • FIX sessions' properties
  • Schedules' properties
  • Scripts files

From legacy FIXEdge Java to FIXICC H2 database

  • Business Layer configuration (BLC mode='file')
  • FIX sessions' properties
  • Schedules' properties

UI Improvements

  1. A warning form is displayed if the database is unavailable
  2. Displaying the engine's errors and warnings
  3. Availability to filter notifications by message text
  4. Ability to specify the Imports and Global Definitions for FIXEdge Java
  5. Ability to enable just created Default Rule (previous Default Rule will be disabled after user confirmation)
  6. Added the section "EXCEPTION" to Business Layer Component Editor and Business Layer Component Details View
  7. Added attributes to the History (ODBC)
    1. MaxNumberOfRecords (number format)
    2. UseStoredProcForInsert (boolean format)
    3. StoredProcName (text format)
  8. Added attribute "CacheRecords" (number format) to the History (File)
  9. Added attributes for secured connection in Acceptor FIX Session (for FIXEdge C++)
  10. Fixed the FIX session configuration for FIXEdge C++:
    1. The "Confirming Logon Strategy" was added;
    2. The conditions of availability were fixed for "Ignore Unknown Fields", "Prohibit Unknown Tags", "RecvCpuAffinity", "SendCpuAffinity", "CpuAffinity", "Keep Connection State", "Reset seqNum from first logon", "Reset seqNum on NonGracefulTermination"

Bug fixing

  • Fixed incorrect server and session state after server stopped
  • Fixed incorrect session state after session's start/stop

Back-End Improvements

  • BL, FIX sessions, and schedules configurations are requested via a single REST API (FIXEdge C++ only)
  • Ability to show the FIXEdge C++ error/warning's notification to FIXICC H2
  • Ability to show the FIXEdge Java error/warning's notification to FIXICC H2
  • The default value of the property "fixicch2.monitoringEnginesLog" is set to "true"


FIXICC H2 version 21Q4.1

This release provides the bug fixes:

  • Fixed the not updated session state in UI after acceptor session stop and start in FIXEdge C++
  • Fixed the rule's script compilation error due to in-line comments
  • Fixed the generating of the wrong history configuration from the BL Components
  • Fixed the NullPointerException error during the creation of the new history with optional fields
  • Fixed the random properties order in the Business Layer Component screens


FIXICC H2 version 21Q4

This release covers integration with FIXEDGE C++ 6.13.0 and FIXEdge Java 1.10.0.