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FIXEdge 6.15.0 Release Notes

FIXEdge 6.15.0 is released on .

New Features and Improvements


  • DB scripts were updated to filter out trade duplicates. Duplicate checking should be done by checking the uniqueness of the values of the TradeDate (75), OrdStatus (39), ExecID (17), Symbol (55), Side (54), and ExecType (150) columns.

  • FIX dictionary was updated according to ICE Trade Captur 4.16.1 specification.
  • Support of all Allocation Report (35=AS) messages was added:

Please refer to the ICE Trade Capture Solution Upgrade Instruction page for more details.

Other Changes

  • The CustomLogonFileName property is deprecated. The CustomLogonMessageFileName property should be used instead.
  • FIXEdge C++ is built against OpenSSL 3.0.5.
  • FIXEdge C++ is built against Poco 1.12.2.
  • FIXEdge C++ is built against Xalan-C 1.12.0. 

Documentation Changes

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed the issue when failed XSLT transformation wasn't handled on BL.
  • Fixed the issue when the send(<SenderCompID>, <TargetCompID>) JS function call in the CreateSessionEventevent prevented message delivery to FIX sessions.
  • Fixed the issue when FIXEdge C++ could not reconnect to Consul due to an unexpected timeout error.
  • Fixed the issue when the scheduler file could not be created if its name contained '=' or '\' symbols. These symbols are now being encoded in Base64.
  • Fixed the issue when FIXEdge C++ could not be started when the LogDirectory property was specified with Directory Junction link.