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    titleImproved message reject reason for invalid repeating group size

    Detection of invalid group tags with the wrong group size was added.

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    titleImproved license system message. Use INFO severity if 30 days remain.
    Previous message[WARN] <timestamp> <thread> [Engine] - The license for the '<company>' expires in 38 days. Please call +44 20 369-58-166 or contact us at for further assistance.
    Current message[INFO] <timestamp> <thread> [Engine] - The license for the '<company>' expires in 38 days. Please call +44 20 369-58-166 or contact us at for further assistance.
    [WARN] <timestamp> <thread> [Version] - The license for the '<company>' expires in 8 days. Please call +44 20 369-58-166 or contact us at for further assistance.

Breaking changes

  • Fixed the parser logic ignores the parameter 'VerifyReperatingGroupBounds' in some cases.
    Added alias 'VerifyRepeatingGroupBounds' for the parameter 'VerifyReperatingGroupBounds'(spelling fix).

    Note: old spelling is removed from the API:

  • The validation option 'verifyReperatingGroupBounds' is no longer available via API, 'verifyRepeatingGroupBounds' should be used instead.

  • The method 'getVerifyReperatingGroupBounds' is no longer available via API, 'getVerifyRepeatingGroupBounds' should be used instead


Fixed bugs

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    titleMQ Transport Adapter doesn’t properly process FIX messages of FIX 50+ version if tag ApplVerID (1128) is not located after tag 35

    Fixed FIX standard violation when FIXEdge forces the ApplVer(1128) tag to appear right after tag 35

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    titleFIX Antenna C++ doesn't validate ApplVer(1128) tag for FIX50SP2

    Fixed the application stops when the ApplVer(1128) tag is not set for SMH in the dictionary but the tag is present in a FIX message.

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    titleThe REST Initiator TA had been failing to generate reject message for FIX 50 session on unsuccessful send attempt

    Fixed reject message forming in case of FIX5.0+ protocols without ApplVer(1128) tag. RestOut Non-raw conversion can handle messages without ApplVer(1128) tag.

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    titleFIXT11 session was not initialized due to last message parsing error

    When using the FIXT1.1 protocol, a correct version of the session protocol is now used to validate storage on startup. This prevents occasional failures upon session initialization if the last message in the *.out storage does not contain the ApplVerID(1128) tag.

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    titleA session stops and restarts if it is trying to send a session-level reject while the 373 tag does not have all the values in the dictionary

    Fixed a rare case when a session tries to reconnect after attempting to send a Session Level Reject(3) message that uses one of the following tags: 371, 372, 373, 1130, 1406, 1131, contains a value that is not presented in the dictionary, and validation is enabled.

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    titleFIXEdge does not close a session if NextExpectedSeqNum(789) tag in an incoming logon is higher than expected

    Fixed the case when a FIX session does not react correctly when the NextExpectedSeqNum(789) tag in an incoming Logon message has a value higher than the sequence number that is next to be assigned. Now, a Logout message will be sent in a scenario like this, as described in the FIX specification.

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    titleIncorrect count of the repeating group in the error message if the count of entry is zero

    Fixed the detection of the invalid number of entries in repeating groups. This occurs when there is no entry at all.

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    titleThe property AllowZeroNumInGroup doesn't work in FIXEdge
    Fixed the AllowZeroNumInGroup property. It allows zero-sized repeating groups in incoming messages when set to true.
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    titleSending out messages from Managed Queue is delayed

    Fixed the performance issue in ManagedQueue on the Linux system by sending a large number of pending messages (>100k).

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    titleFIXEdge gets deadlocked if Managed Queue is used by multiple sessions

    Fixed possible deadlock in ManagedQueue with multithreaded configuration and high message rate.

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    title"Reset Sequences" feature does not work if user starts session from FIXICC

    Now FixAntenna's API call `resetSeqNum` is available when an initiator session is in an `Initial`, `CorrectlyTerminated`, and `NonGracefullyTerminated` state. Being called, this method will schedule the next Logon message to contain ResetSeqNum(141)=Y tag, as well as a sequence, reset to be performed on the next logon.

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    titleFIXEdge server stops while the TIBCO RV server is started or stopped

    Fixed a case when the TIBCO transport adapter sends to observer two logons (without logout) leading to an exception. Sending logon/logout is based on connection status instead of common demon status now.

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    titleOnly first the TIBCO client from clients property is created (CentOS 7 scecific)

    Fixed a case when the TIBCO transport adapter was unable to initialize properly if the connection establishes too fast.

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    titleFIXEdge did not switch to backup connection due to error

    Fixed a bug that can cause a session to stop reconnecting attempts. Relevant for session initiator.

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    titleThe CME STP TA does not restore connection after the CME network interrupts

    Fixed reconnection on network interrupts and updating the session status in the CME STP transport adaptor.

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    titleFIXEdge Admin REST API function service/started doesn't work when starts as windows service

    FIXEdge now will correctly initialize REST Admin API and Components API when started as a service on Windows.

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    titleThe Kafka TA does not start with the FIX 5.0 message in Kafka storages

    Fixed inability to load session storage in case of the storage's FIX protocol version requires to use of the FIXT1.1 transport protocol

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    titleKafka TA does not log requred error message, when producer can not queued message

    Fixed message text for "Error handling the outgoing message" in Kafka TA logging.

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    titleFIXEdge stops when session started on bound port (CentOS specific)

    Fix the issue when FIXEdge stops when a listening port is already in use.

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    titleUsername/Password are still visible in Debug / Trace mode in FIXEdge.log file even with enabled HiddenLogonCredentials and MaskedTags

    Fixed hiding the logon credentials in FIXEdge and FIXAntenna log files.

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    titleFIXEdge stops when the ICESession and ICESession.SenderCompID parameters are empty

    Fixed stops in FIXEdge when BL handler fails to initialize. The obsolete parameter ICESession parameter is removed from the ICEHandler.

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    titleService message is not routed from session to session(if one session use custom dictionary)

    Fixed default conversion of messages to/from custom FIX50 protocol while routing to FIX session.

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    titleFIXEdge does not indicate bound port for session (Windows specific)

    Removed usage of SO_REUSEADDR socket option on Windows to make behavior the same on Windows and Linux in case if listening port is already in use.