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  • Search for FIX log-files on a local computer and a whole network
  • Show FIX messages in a table
  • Select FIX fields to be shown in a table
  • Show FIX field names, values and descriptions
  • Filter FIX messages received from the "in" and "out" log files
  • Filter FIX messages by particular text in fields
  • Recognize all FIX versions from a log file
  • Support Regular expression
  • Read raw FIX messages from any text files (not cleaned FIX-logs only)
  • Filter FIX messages by sessions
  • Provide context search
  • Create custom views
  • Create custom filters
  • Validate FIX messages
  • Compare FIX messages
  • Support FIX dialects
  • Provide Order back trace
  • Support Multi-tab view
  • Export selected cells to CSV

FIXEye main window

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Starting FIXEye