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  1. Right-click anywhere in the Files window, and then click Add Agent in the context menu.

    Also, you can also use the Add Agent button.

  2. In the Agent Connection Parameters dialog, define your connection parameters, such as Name, Host, Port, Login and Password. If you need to connect the agent immediately, enable "Connect now" flag.

  3. Click Add to save your agent settings.


  • You can see which files you can browse and what dictionaries the agent uses in the corresponding sub-lists.
  • You can browse only static files. No changes in logs will be reflected.
  • If you want browse logs real-time, please see the Watch section.

How to rename an agent

When you create an agent, you set the agent name. You can rename your agent at any time.

To change the agent's name, open the required agent, select agent's name by double-clicking and enter a new name.

Click Save for the saving the new name To rename an agent, perform the following steps:

  1. Select the required agent and click Edit Agent in the context menu.
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  2. Enter new Agent's name in the Edit Agent dialog.
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  3. Click Save to finish renaming. Your agent is renamed.
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How to remove an agent

To remove an agent, select the required agent and open click Remove Agent in the context menu by right-clicking. Select Delete and click OK to confirm agent's removal

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Confirm deletion in the Remove Agent pop-up dialog by clicking Yes. Your agent is removed.

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