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The Engine was tested under .NET Core 3.1 and under .NET Framework 4.8 and is intended to be used under these platforms.
The Engine itself is based on .NET Standard 2.0 and shares the same set of features under both platforms.


User should manually clean 'obj' and 'build' folders inside sample application's folder in case if it is needed to sequentially run the same sample for different target platform (for example, EchoServer for .NET Core after .NET Framework 4.8)


  • Optimized memory allocation on message receiving.
  • Added ability to choose IP protocol version between IPv4 or IPv6. Dual mode is used by default.

    Please note: IPv4 should be specified for OpenOnload

Bug fixes.

  • FixServer does not shutdown on calling Stop() function in case FixSessionManager was not explicitly stopped.