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  1. Install and start Kafka:
    • Download and extract the latest version Kafka (
    • Start the ZooKeeper server.
      Kafka uses ZooKeeper so you need to first start a ZooKeeper server if you don't already have one.
      You can use the convenience script packaged with Kafka to get a quick-and-dirty single-node ZooKeeper instance:
      > bin/windows/zookeeper-server-start.bat ../../config/ (Windows)
      > bin/ ../config/ (Linux)
    • Start the Kafka server:
      > bin/windows/kafka-server-start.bat ../../config/ (Windows)
      > bin/ ../config/ (Linux)
    • ZooKeeper/Kafka properties and performance tuning are out of the scope of this document, all further examples will be executed on default settings for Kafka.
  2. Download and unpack the latest FAJ Kafka distribution package (fixaj-kafka-distribution-<version>

    It will contain the following folders/parts:
    • tools - scripts, properties, and libs to start Kafka bridge;
    • examples - scripts, properties, libs and sources for FIX/Kafka samples/clients.
  3. Start FIX server sample to accept FIX connection from FixKafkaBridge (server sends 10 test FIX messages to KafkaBridge after establishing FIX connection):
    > examples/bin/runFixAcceptorServer.bat (Windows)
    > examples/bin/runFixAcceptorServer (Linux)
  4.  Start KafkaClientRouter to route messages from 'producerTopic' to 'consumerTopic' to provide messages back to KafkaBridge:
    > examples/bin/runKafkaClientRouter.bat (Windows)
    > examples/bin/runKafkaClientRouter (Linux)
  5. Start FixKafkaBridge with properties from "tools/etc" folder:
    > tools/bin/startKafkaBridge.bat (Windows)
    > tools/bin/startKafkaBridge (Linux)