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for FIXEdge C++

for FIXEdge Java

dba_userOracle DB++

DB Administrator login.

Database user with administrator rights is needed for adding user, create and configure database for the solution needs.

dba_passwordOracle DB++DB Administrator password
db_userOracle DB++DB user login
db_passwordOracle DB++DB user password
db_addressOracle DB++IP address for connection to DB
db_portOracle DB++IP port for connection to  DB
db_sidOracle DB++DB SID
file_consulConsul++path to Consul Agent distribution archive
file_ctemplateConsul++path to Consul template software package (ZIP archive).
fe_cluster_idCluster++unique identity of FIXEdge C++ LB Cluster
file_csConfiguration Service++path to Configuration Service distribution archive
fe_splunk_hostSplunk++IP address for connection to Splunk system
fe_splunk_portSplunk++IP port for connection to Splunk system
consul_deploy_dirConsul++path for Consul deployment
fe_archive_dest_schedulerScheduler Service++path to Scheduler Service distribution archive
fe_lic_dnlFIXEdge C++ nodes+
path to license file for FIXEdge C++
fe_archive_destFIXEdge C++ nodes+
path to FIXEdge C++ distribution archive
fe_rapi_keyFIXEdge C++ nodes+
path to REST-API key file
fe_rapi.crtFIXEdge C++ nodes+
path to REST-API certificate file
fe_rapi_portFIXEdge C++ nodes+
IP port for REST-API


FIXEdge Java nodes
+path to license file for FIXEdge Java
fe_archive_dest_javaFIXEdge Java nodes
+path to FIXEdge Java distribution archive
fe_archive_dest_foFIXEdge Java nodes
+path to FO Java distribution archive