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FIX Client Simulator 3.6.0

FIX Client Simulator 3.6.0 is released on .

New Features and Improvements

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    titleAbility to run Test Scenario in the infinite loop to simulate FIX messages flow.

    The new OnMessage handler is introduced enabling users to define the Expect Then Send instruction.

    This instruction will be executed in the infinite loop simulating FIX messages flow.

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    titleEvents and messages filtering within the Events Viewer section.

    Events and messages in the Events Viewer section now can be filtered using the Filter text field.

    All special symbols are supported except '/'.

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    titleCustomizable title for main FCS window.

    FIX Client Simulator allows customizing the title of the main application window by defining the MainWindowTitle property in the Fcs.exe.config file.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed the issue when the outgoing Heartbeat(35=0) message was displayed twice in the Events Viewer section.
  • Fixed the issue when the Reject(35=3) message wasn't displayed in the Events Viewer section when the unexpected Resent Request message(35=2) was received.
  • Fixed the issue when FIX Client Simulator allowed the creation of multiple FIX sessions with identical names.
  • Fixed the issue when the values of the Rate and Send count fields could not be set to defaults.
  • Fixed the issue when the Allow message resending flag was not functioning correctly.
  • Fixed the issue when FIX Client Simulator continued sending messages to the deleted FIX session.

FIX Client Simulator 3.5.0

FIX Client Simulator 3.5.0 is released on .

Package Improvements

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    titleUbuntu Linux and Rocky Linux support.

    FIX Client Simulator is now available on Ubuntu Linux 22.04 and Rocky Linux 8.