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  1. Referring to FIX message log:
    1. Retrieve FIX message log of specific / all sessions
    2. Output the acquired contents to text
  2. Get FIX session list:
    1. Retrieve the list of session definitions and their states
    2. Output the acquired contents to text
  3. Session Control

    1. Start and stop sessions
    2. Get session status (since FIXEdge 6.9.0)
    3. Get session statistics (since FIXEdge 6.9.0)
    4. Restart session (since FIXEdge 6.9.0)
  4. Reset sequence No.

    1. Reset FIX sequence No. (incoming and outgoing)
  5. Set sequence No.

    1. Set an arbitrary value for the sequence number of a specific session
  6. Reload BL_Config.xml

  7. Send messages to session output queue


Properties to configure in


is admin REST API enabled or not

No, default = false

admin REST API server modes:

  • HTTP
No, default = HTTPS
AdminRESTAPI.BindAddressstringdefine specific network interface for listeningNo, default = "" (all interfaces)
AdminRESTAPI.PortintTCP port to listenYes (if Admin REST API enabled)
AdminRESTAPI.HTTPSServer.PortintTCP port to listen

No. Property is deprecated,

use AdminRESTAPI.Port instead

AdminRESTAPI.HTTPSServer.PrivateKeystringpath to SSL private key file (absolute paths are allowed)Yes (for HTTPS server only)
AdminRESTAPI.HTTPSServer.Certificatestringpath to SSL certificate
file (absolute paths are allowed)Yes (for HTTPS server only)
AdminRESTAPI.HTTPSServer.CertificateAuthoritystringpath to the file or directory containing the CA/root certificates. Can be empty if the OpenSSL builtin CA certificates are
used (absolute paths are allowed)No, default = ""

AdminRESTAPI.BindAddress parameter and absolute paths are available since FIXEdge 6.9.0.


Code Block
AdminRESTAPI.Enabled = true
AdminRESTAPI.HTTPSServer.Port = 8903
AdminRESTAPI.HTTPSServer.PrivateKey = FIXEdge1/conf/AdminRESTAPI.key
AdminRESTAPI.HTTPSServer.Certificate = FIXEdge1/conf/AdminRESTAPI.crt