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FIX Antenna Java 2.22.0

September 11, 2020

New Features and Improvements

  • Extended acceptor ports management.
    • A listening port for incoming FIX connections can be defined in the acceptor configuration (read more). 
  • SSL configuration per FIX session.
    • A FIX session configuration includes options for SSL connection configuration (read more).

Critical bugs and fixes

  • CRITICAL. Java 11 compatibility issues.
    • Problem description: Some functionality, such as a FIX message validation functionality, memory-mapped files based storage(MMFStorageFactory), and Chronicle Queue based storage(ChronicleStorageFactory), didn't work with Java 11.
    • Solution: code was updated to conform to Java 11 API.
  • CRITICAL. A FIX Session with Chronicle Queue based storage(ChronicleStorageFactory) failed to handle ResendRequest(2) incoming requests.
    • Problem description: FIX Session with Chronicle Queue based storage hung on the processing of incoming ResendRequest(2) due to deadlock.
    • Solution: Deadlock in code was resolved.
  • The acceptor session always used blocking NIO transport.
    • Problem description: The acceptor session ignored the combination of configuration options useJavaNIO=true and blockingNIOSocket=false and always used blocking NIO transport.
    • Solution: FIX server and acceptor session initialization code was fixed.
  • The benchmark sample SendMarkedDataWithSlowClientsBM failed after its restarts.
    • Problem description: Restart of the sample without cleaning logs failed with an error.
    • Solution: The sample was fixed.
  • FIX Antenna incorrectly processed invalid values range for maxMessageSize.
    • Problem description: If the value for maxMessageSize is greater then Integer.MAX_INT, FIX Antenna uses -1 value instead of the default.
    • Solution: parsing was fixed, the default value in 1Mb is applied if the invalid value is defined for maxMessageSize property.

FIX Antenna Java 2.21.1

December 02, 2019

New Features and Improvements