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  • Added mechanism for customization of outgoing Logon and Logout messages.
    • FIXSession interface is extended with a method addOutSessionLevelMessageListener() for registering interceptors of outgoing session-level messages. 
  • Added mechanism for monitoring LastMsgSeqNumProcessed(369) tag in incoming messages.
    • New implementations of global user handlers are added into the package (read more about LastMsgSeqNumProcessed(369) processing):
      • LastProcessedSlowConsumerCheckerMessageHandler controls a gap between outgoing sequences and received LastMsgSeqNumProcessed(369) tag value and report about the slow consumer in case of exceeding the threshold.
      • LastProcessedSequenceSyncMessageHandler can be used to automatically synchronize sequences based on tag 369 on incoming Logout. This implementation should be used carefully because it can lead to loss of outgoing messages.
  • Secure FIX server with scheduler is included into the package.
    • Implementation of ScheduledSSLFIXServer, which accepts secure SSL/TLS connection and supports timetables for FIX sessions is available out of the box.