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FIX Antenna Java 2.20.2

August 15, 2019

New Features and Improvements

  • Don't print exception stack traces in case of logging level “INFO”, “WARN” or “ERROR”.
    • Changed messages with meaningful problem descriptions. Exception stack traces still can be accessed with DEBUG and TRACE logging levels.

Critical bugs and fixes

  • CRITICAL. Incorrect serialization of messages, which was taken from the internal message pool.
    • Problem description: Application, which uses prepared messages, under certain circumstances corrupted messages in the pool. It led to the error and broke the connection.
    • Solution: Logic for management of messages in the pool was fixed.
  • Problem with parsing iLink Session Access Secret Key file, which is used for CME Secure Logon support.
    • Problem description: File with access keys for iLink created via CME's website was missing "Environment" entry. Such file caused an error when the adapter was parsing it.
    • Solution: Parsing the iLink Session Access Secret Key was improved and made "Environment" entry optional in this file.
  • FIX Engine sends redundant Logout(5) messages if there is no answer for TestRequest(1) during some reasonable time.
    • Problem description: If the application has not received any data for (HeartBtInt(108) + “some reasonable transmission time”) seconds, it should transmit a TestRequest(1) message. If there is still no Heartbeat(0) message answer received then the connection should be considered lost and the session should be closed. There is no reason to send Logout(5) message for such FIX session.
    • Solution: Recovery logic was improved and sending the redundant Logout(5) message was removed.
  • FIX engine sends Heartbeat(0) message right after FIX session reconnect.
    • Problem description: FIX engine sent Heartbeat(0) message as a first message instead of Logon(A) message. It led to error on the other side and unexpected closing of the FIX session.
    • Solution: FIX Antenna Java support message queuing for outgoing messages. Session-level messages, normally, should be sent out of turn. Such queue may contain session-level messages, like Heartbeat(0) or TestRequest(1), at the moment of a broken connection. After the reconnect they are outdated but they are still in a queue and in front of new Logon(A) message. To solve this issue, additional cleaning of such outdated out-of-turn messages was added right before session connect.
  • FIX engine doesn't generate a warning message if receives SequenceReset(4) (Reset) message with NewSeqNo(36) value which is equal to the expected sequence number.
    • Problem description: According to FIX specification, when FIX engine receives SequenceReset(4) (Reset) message with NewSeqNo(36) = to the expected sequence number, it has to accept such reset but "generate a "warning" condition in test output". Otherwise, FIX engine doesn't write such working messages in some cases.
    • Solution: Printing a warning message to engine log was added for such cases.
  • FIX engine increments the expected sequence when process SequenceReset(4) (Reset) message with NewSeqNo(36) that is less than the expected sequence number.
  • FIX engine accepts duplicates of SequenceReset(4) (Gap Fill) message with MsgSeqNum(34) that is less than the expected sequence number.
  • Some of JMS and Kafka samples could not be started in Linus.
    • Problem description: Scripts for start samples didn't work due to syntax errors.
    • Solution: Bash scripts for running samples were fixed.

FIX Antenna Java 2.20.1

April 16, 2019

New Features and Improvements

  • New methods for sequence management were introduced.
    • FIX session extended with a set of methods for separate set and get session' sequences:
      • FIXSession.setInSeqNum(long)
      • FIXSession.getInSeqNum()
      • FIXSession.setOutSeqNum(long)
      • FIXSession.getOutSeqNum()
  • Improved notification about delivering messages to Kafka in Kafka Adaptor.
    • New implementation notifies about successful delivery only when Kafka confirms such operation.

FIX Antenna Java 2.20.0

March 06, 2019

New Features and Improvements