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Installation steps

 In order to setup set up REST TA for FIX Edge you need:

1. Copy the FIXEdge distribution package to the FIX Edge home:

Unpack the content of the distribution package to the FIXEdge root directory, e.g. to the C:\FIXEdge.

2. Enable TA to be used by FIX EdgeFIXEdge.

In the ‘Transport Layer Section’ of the, add REST TA to the list of supported adapters:

Code Block
TransportLayer.TransportAdapters = TransportLayer.RestTA

Note: if  If you use other transport adapters, just add TransportLayer.RestTA to the end of the list, e.g:

Code Block
TransportLayer.TransportAdapters = TransportLayer.SmtpTA, TransportLayer.RestTA

3. Configure TA.

3.1.  Add the REST TA section to the


Code Block
TransportLayer.TransportAdapters = TransportLayer.RestTA

TransportLayer.RestTA.Description = REST Acceptor TA
TransportLayer.RestTA.DllName = bin/rest_acceptor_ta-vc10-MD-x64.dll
TransportLayer.RestTA.Type = DLL

TransportLayer.RestTA.ClientID = RestAcceptorClient
TransportLayer.RestTA.LogCategory = RestAcceptorClient
TransportLayer.RestTA.ListenPort = 8001
TransportLayer.RestTA.FIXVersion = FIX50
TransportLayer.RestTA.ConversionMethod = NumericTagValueMapping
TransportLayer.RestTA.ValidateFIXMessage = ValidateAndWarn

Note: sample  Sample settings could be copied from the file (in the doc folder of FIXEdge distribution package) to the file.

3.2.  Optionally, configure logging for the received and sent messages in a separate log category:

Code Block
Log.RESTTA.Device = File
Log.RESTTA.DebugIsOn = true
Log.RESTTA.TraceIsOn = true
Log.RESTTA.NoteIsOn = true
Log.RESTTA.File.Name = FIXEdge1/log/RESTTA.log

4.        Restart FIX Edge FIXEdge to apply the changes .

Routing Messages from REST TA

The REST TA Client can be referred to the business layer (BL) by ClientID name specified in the file. Below is an example of the BL_Config.xml.

Code Block
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    FIXEdge - the XML Configuration file
    $Revision: $
<!DOCTYPE FIXEdge SYSTEM "BusinessLayer.dtd">
                <Client Name="RestAcceptorClient"/>
                <MatchField Field="35" Value=" D|G|F|n " />
                    <FixSession SenderCompID="FIXEDGE" TargetCompID="FIXCLIENT"/>

REST TA Configuration Parameters

Configuration of the REST Adaptor contains a list of adaptor properties, HTTP server properties, and log settings: