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This task can be accomplished by setting comma-separated values for the ListenPort property in the file:

ListenPort = 8901,8902

In this case, the engine will listen to incoming connections on ports 8901 and 8902. Note that all clients will be able to connect to any of those ports with the correct login credentials of any acceptor session. 

If you need to specify a dedicated port for each acceptor session, you can just give one client one port (say, 8901) to connect and give another client a second port (say, 8902) to connect, etc. Hence each will have an acceptor session working on a dedicated TCP port.

For more details about FIX engine parameters, please follow this link -  FIX Engine parameters.ListenPort parameter can accept multiple values separated by a comma.

In case when it is needed to accept a session to a dedicated port the user can add all required ports to the list and ask initiators to use the provided port.

In Fix Antenna 2.28.0 the new feature to accept only specified session to the defined port was added. More details can be found: Configure FIX sessions with dedicated ports