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  • Library for platform RHEL 6 using C++ 98 ABI is deprecated and will be removed from the package starting next release

  • Restored FIX-Protocol compatibility when a session is terminated if re-transmitted GapFill (35=4) message does not have PossDup flag (43=Y).
    The previous behavior can be enabled with the following configuration set:

    Code Block
    AllowMessageWithoutPossDupFlag = true
    AllowGapFillWithoutPossDupFlag = true
  • Rejected messages are not filtered out and replaced with gap-fill messages in resend request replies.

    The counterparty now is responsible for increment sequence numbers in case of rejecting invalid messages in order to prevent endless resending.
  • Changed naming convention → 

    The C++11 ABI is compatible with GCC 5.x and above so library can be used with any GGC newer 5.1.

    The libraries and libV12and are considered as depreciated. Support C98 Standard and Red Hat 6 platform will be discontinued in one of the next releases.

  • (SD4906754)  Engine::SessionsManager::onIncomingConnection callback API has been extended with delivering the port number for accepted connection.


    The method signature was changed. User's application modification is required.