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Control Centre parameters


XML Sock monitoring port to accept requests from the special tool FEAdminConsole.

Example: ControlCentre.XMLSockMonitor.Port = 8902


File that prevents from starting multiple FIXEdge instances at the same directory.

Example: ControlCentre.Lock.File.Name = FIXEdge1/log/_fixedge.lock


Since FIXEdge version 6.7.0 the following lifecycle events are supported for logging and transfer to ArcSight:

AppStartingApplication is being to be started and log system is initialized
AppStartedProperties are loaded and sessions are runned
AppReadyAll components of application was started
AppFailedApplication is crashed
AppSigTermDetectedSignal SIGINT or SITERM is detected
AppShutdownApplication is being to shut down (stop sessions / destroy objects)
AppCompleteAll work is done, stopped as planned

The events are logged and FIXEdge can notify other system about events

Parameters for setting up logging of these events are described in this section.


Events can be forwared to ArcSight

See How to configure forwarding FIXEdge lifecycle events to ArcSight for more information