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  1. Unpack the archive into the C:\B2BITS directory
  2. Put the engine.license file into the FIXEdge's directory

    titleFIXEdge prior v. 5.11.3

    Put the fixaj2-license.bin into the root folder of FIXICC Agent

  3. Open cmd.exe as Administrator and switch the current directory to the C:\B2BITS\FIXEdge\fixicc-agent\bat

    1. Execute the following scripts in the console:

      Code Block

      It can take up to several minutes to start at the first time:

    2. Switch the current directory to the C:\B2BITS\FIXEdge\bin. Execute the following scripts in the console:

      Code Block

  4. Launch FIX Integrated Control Center (FIXICC):

    Code Block
  5. Open the context menu of the default 'FixEdge1' server on the 'Server List' tab of FIXICC:

    titleExtra step for FIXEdge prior v. 5.11.3

    Import the fixaj2-license.bin license in FIXICC GUI:
    Help -> Import license...

    • Select the 'Connect' option and use the password: admin.

  6. Select the 'Start Server' option in the context menu of the server.