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This section shows how to replace an upgrade the existing FIXEdge version with its upgraded version and keep all configurationsconfiguration files unchanged.

Upgrade Preparation

  1. Make sure you have sufficient administration permissions for further uninstall/install procedures.
  2. Download new FIX Edge package for the corresponding OS version;
  3. Stop the FIXEdge process;
  4. Stop the FIXICC-agent process;
  5. Uninstall the FIXEdge service(s);
  6. Uninstall the FIXICC Agent service(s);
  7. Remove FIXICC's working dir <.fixicc> normally placed in C:\Users\%USER%\AppData\Roaming directory;
  8. Make a backup copy of your current installation (configuration and binaries);
  9. Make a backup copy of your current license (engine.license).
    If your license has expired or was lost, contact to obtain the new one;
  10. Prepare configuration amendments in case you plan to change any credentials, destination folders, connection parameters, etc. Refer to configuration guides for assistance;