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  • FIXICC H2 is designed for different database management systems
  • FIXICC H2 relies on Service Discovery of the FEJ service to find and monitor servers and their health
  • FIXICC H2 allows customizing UI theme


Table of Contents

FIXICC H2 version 21Q2

This release covers integration with FIXEDGE C++ 6.11.2.

New Features

  • Monitoring the actual FIX session configuration and dynamic state on the FIXEDGE C++ side in real-time
  • Controlling of the FIX sessions for FIXEDGE C++:
    • Ability to start a session
    • Ability to stop a session
    • Ability to restart a working session
    • Ability to change/reset sequence numbers for a session
    • Ability to send any custom message to a session
    • Ability to switch a session from backup to primary and backward
  • Configuring:

    • Ability to create a FIXEDGE C++ server configuration
    • Ability to create a FIX session configuration for FIXEDGE C++
    • Ability to schedule the FIX sessionfor FIXEDGE C++
    • Ability to configure XML business rules and apply them to FIXEDGE C++ on the fly

FIXICC H2 version 21Q1

This release covers integration with FIXEdge Java 1.8.