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FIXEye provides a powerful real-time monitoring tool which is Watch. You can create multiple processes with various filters and search parameters to follow updates in selected files.

  • To create a new Watch, on the File menu, click Create Watch. You can also click the button click the Image Added icon on the toolbar to open the Realtime Files Watch window.


  • To add files you want to watch, under Files, click Open. Select files you want to monitor, and then click Open. You can also add files to the list by typing a file path, and then click Add.
  • To remove a file from the list, select a required file, and then click Remove.
  • Select the 'E-mail Notifications' check box if you want to receive a notification email every time a new message is detected. Click the Configure to set up an outgoing mail server.
  • Select the 'Activate on new message check message' check box if you want FIXEye to blink on a taskbar when a new message is detected.