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The main feature of this release is a newly added Kafka transport adapter. It allows FIXEdge to route messages to/from the Kafka open-source distributed event streaming platform , see . See details.

Starting with this release we discontinue are discontinuing support of RHEL 6 since it came to the EOL. Currently supported platforms are include RHEL 7 and Windows x64.

The Additionally, this release has an average performance gain in of about 10% on average in the scenario when where FIXEdge converts messages from one protocol version to another.


Changes in ICE Trade Capture Solution

  • New A new "InsertionTime" column was has been appended to all tables. This column save feature saves time on row insertion time. The format of data is Data is formatted as follows "YYYY-MM-DD-HH:MM:SS.sss".
  • FIX dictionaries are have been updated according to the ICE specification (ICE Trade Capture 4.9)

Changes in ICE Private Order Feed Drop Copy Solution

  • FIX dictionaries are have been updated according to the ICE specification (ICE Private Orders Feed 3.9)

FIXEdge was extended with new transport adapter for Kafka

The Rest initiator/acceptor TAs now fully support FIX 5.0+protocols.

The Rest initiator TA adapter now supports re-sending messages now in case of when faced with errors from counter-party parties for particular, defined by user, codes.

Fixed bugs:

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    titleThe RestTA does could not previously establish HTTPS connection along with the client's certificate validation

    The Rest acceptor TA now provides a list of Certificate Authorities allowed for client certificate certificates in a CertificateRequest message on SSL handshake.

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    titleJMSTA does could not send extracted XML data from tag 213. Fixed property SmartXMLProcessing = true for JMS TA.

    Fixed property SmartXMLProcessing = true for JMS TA

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    titleJavaScript function (save, update) doesn't couldn’t save 0 value in inwhen there was a case of Numeric column type in BL.

    Fixed the bug due to which the Java script function saveToHistory was not able to parse a zero value "0".

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    titleFE with MQ TA for Linux is building with 7 version of MQ SDK instead 8 (can lead to FE crash)

    MQ version on build machines was updated to V8.0.0.6

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    title[FE] Application level messages without tag 1128 are not processed if AsyncProcessing is enabled

    The bug has been fixed. When Previously, when a session uses the FIXT11 protocol version and AsyncProcessing = true, it was still required to have the tag 1128 in messages. Now the session uses the version received from a Logon message and parses any massage without tag 1128.

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    titleRest Acceptor doesn't accept FIX messages with FIX Protocol FIX50+

    REST Acceptor TA now supports FIX50+ messages.

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    title[FE] FIXT11 Session was not initialized due to a last message parsing error.

    In case of using Using FIXT1.1 protocol, now a correct version of the session protocol is now used to validate storage on startup. This prevents occasional failures on during session initialization if the last message in the *.out storage does not contain ApplVerID(1128) tag.

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    title[FE Cpp]FE corruptes message after conversion in js

    Fixed a bug in BL Convert action that leads to duplication of custom tag values (i.e. tag number > 5000) to message root from 2+ level nested repeating groups

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    titleMQ TA property SslKeyRepository doesn't did not work properly with a relative path

    MQ adapter now supports relative path in the SslKeyRepository property value

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    titleICE Trade Capture: Scripts are saving CurrentDate fields to DB in local timezonetimezones

    ICE Trade Capture: The application now uses the UTC time zone now to save date and time in the SQL database during the message filtration.

Dictionaries updates:

  • CME STP FIX dictionaries include all changes till up to Notice 20200505
  • FIX 5.0 SP2 dictionary has been updated with 258 Extension Packs.