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The Kafka TA provides guaranteed message delivery. The connectivity mechanism preserve FIX messages even if critical situations occur, such as:

  • FIXEdge server is terminated
  • Kafka TA is crashed or not started due to invalid configuration
  • FIX Session is terminated non-gracefully
  • Message Broker is down
  • network disorder occurs

If any unsent messages are found in the Persistent Messages Storage, the preserved messages are processed (before any other runtime-messages) as soon as the FIXEdge server starts and Kafka connection is re-established.

Kafka TA services discipline is FIFO in the scope of one Kafka partition (for messages that come from one client).  FIX messages that come from one FIX session preserve their order when passed to the message broker. FIX messages that arrive from a single queue of the message broker preserve their order in the FIX session.