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The main features released are the REST Initiator transport adapter, security mode support for the REST Acceptor transport adapter, Managed Queue functionality. Also, various critical and major bugs were fixed.  

New features and improvements

Managed Queue  Queue as a part of store-and-forward functionality is introduced providing a mechanism for storing messages and releasing them on a time-schedule basis.

Managed Queue features

  • Messages are stored and released  according to market schedule hours
  • Multiple queues can be configured for different order types \ venues
  • Rest Admin API is extended with the functionality of  viewing queues and  schedules 
  • Sequence reset doesn't affect the messages in a queue
  • Smart logic for Cancel, Cancel\Replace is implemented (disabled by default)


  • ICE TC: Implemented a possibility to disable saving 'Blocks' and 'Legs' to the DB
  • ICE TC: Speed up filtering and inserting records to DB
  • Dictionaries were updates according to last specification (ICE TC 4.7, ICE POF 3.8) 
  • Strategy harmonization conformance testing has been passed
  • The default value of FixLayer.FixEngine.Session.ICESession.AsyncProcessing.QueueSizeLimit (link) QueueSizeLimit parameter is set to -1 (Unlimited queue size)
  • SecDefs messages limitation of 256 000 bytes was increased up to 1 024 000 bytes


  • Removed unnecessary NUL symbols from the logs.
  • Severity The severity of Rest Acceptor TA validation and parsing reject  was changed from TRACE to WARN