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Component typeDescriptionImplementation notes
FIXEdge nodeThe FIXEdge nodes process the messages passing from and to the clientsFunctionally it is FIXEdge server/FIXEdge Java server
Load BalancerLoad balancer redirects incoming connections to the one of the FIXEdge nodes. It is a single entry point for clients initiator sessions.3-rd party product is used - HA-proxy
Configuration Service Configuration Service is the centralized source of the cluster configuration. It manages sessions and schedules configurations.
Cluster Coordination ServiceCluster Coordination Service is used to coordinate FIXEdge nodes with each other. It is user to register other services/components, manage healthchecks.3-rd party product is used - Consul
Scheduler ServiceScheduler Service allows to manage sessions states according to the specified events.
Shared FIX StorageShared FIX Storage is used to store FIX messages and sessions' last incoming and outgoing sequence numbers.

Oracle DB is used. Other DB systems may be used - MSSQL, PostgreSQL, etc.

FO is used for FIXEdge Java solution.

Configuration StorageConfiguration Storage is used to store cluster configurationOracle DB  is used. Other DB systems may be used - MSSQL, PostgreSQL, etc.
Configuration Tool (CLI)Configuration Tool is used to configure the clusterCommand Line Tool
Log Collector (+Log Storage)FIXEdge application logs are sent to Log Collector which provide single point to search and analyze the logs. 3-rd party product is used - Splunk