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FIXEdge 6.8.0 Release Notes

FIXEdge 6.8.0 released on July 4, 2019

New Features and improvements

SSL support changes:

  • An initiator can now use a certificate signed by counterparty's CA certificate for authentication
  • Added support for the following SSL certificates formats : pfx files, .pem encoded files, .der - binary encoded files in ASN1 standard.
  • Added support of SSL certificates with and without passwords are supported.Settings SSLCertificatePassword and SSLPrivateKeyPassword were introduced.
  • SSLRequireClientCertificate property was replaced by SSLValidatePeerCertificate.
  • SSLCheckPrivateKey property was removed. Correspondence between the key and certificate will be checked automatically. FIX Edge does not establish session if the key doesn't correspond to the certificate. 

For more information see: Configuring FIX SessionsHow to configure built-in SSL support for FIX session in FIXEdge

Please note, that SSL-related properties: 

can be set via editing and only.


Changes in ICE Trade Capture Solution

Changes in ICE Private Order Feed Drop Copy Solution

Logging improvements:

  • Added logging of host:port for incoming connection event:

Host:port of incoming connection was added

Previous message

[NOTE] 20190129-06:56:49.319 [13100] [Engine] - New incoming connection was detected (from

Current message

[NOTE] 20190129-06:56:49.319 [13100] [Engine] - New incoming connection was detected (from to

  • VS 2010 C++ Redistributable Package (x64) required for installation added to FIXEdge's \Redist\VC10 directory.  Also refer to Installation.

Fixed critical bugs:

  • Reconnect mechanism doesn't work in FIXEdge's JMS adapter
  • FIXEdge failure if LDAP authentification has been used.  
  • FIXICC shows state of the session right after FIXEdge start incorrectly
  • FIX Admin Session prevents graceful termination of FIXEdge
  • REST Admin API has inconsistencies between parameters on POST session create request and GET session parameters.
  • Calling Java Script function saveToHistory with incorrect arguments leads to FIXEdge malfunction 

FIXEdge 6.7.1 Release Notes

FIXEdge 6.7.1 released on March 6, 2019