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query type

test example


single tag=value pattern

query: 35=d

only messages where condition 35=d is true are displayed in the result output

two tag=value patterns separated by space

query: 35=d 34=6

only messages where condition 35=d is true and 34=6 is true are displayed in the result output

Context search

Context search means that all input in "search box" is considered as plain text. It is divided in text patterns according some rules described below and these patterns are searched for in input log file. First a text put in “search box” is analyzed.

 All  put in “” is considered as one pattern and is taken as exact text phrase for  searching engine. Input  text is divided into many patterns when space characters are met. Each pattern is searched. Space character here means OR logical operator. Plus character (+) at the beginning of pattern is used for logical AND operation. That means that searching <pattern1> +<pattern2> will lead to success  only if both pattern1 and pattern2 are found in input stream.


If only +<pattern>  is present in search string then no matches will be found even if <pattern>  is contained in input stream

Context search differs from tag=value search. All input stream is analyzed and the results are shown only at the end. Note, context searching may take a long time if input file is big! By the way you can press "cancel" button at the bottom of the page to stop the process. 

Searching of patterns in a FIX message is more complicated than ordinary plain text search. First of all search engine looks for patterns in a raw fix message. Then fix message is parsed and tag IDs are converted to names, (e.g. 35=A is turned to MsgType=A) and search engine looks for patterns again. And for the third time search tag values are  converted to text equivalents, (e.g. 35=A is turned to MsgType=Logon).   At the display step all FIX messages satisfying search  criteria are displayed.