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Quick start

  • To start FIXEye, click Start, point to All Programs, click B2BITS, and then click FIXEye. You can also double-click the FIXEye icon.
  • To choose data files, on the File menu click Open Log Files, select files with raw FIX messages and click Open.
  • Write a search query in a search box and click Search.
  • Double-click on a message in the table to see FIX message details.

At the very beginning FIXEye displays a dialog form for opening log files. You can either browse for files by clicking the corresponding step or skip this step by clicking the Cancel button.

Open file

On the File menu, click Open Log Files or Open Log Folder.

You can also use the button on your toolbar.

Open multiple files with FIXEye

A user can use the "Send to" Windows function to opening files in FIXEye.

  • Right-click a folder, point to Send To, and then click FIXEye. (This can be done for multiple selected files.)
  • The selected files will be opened in a new instance of FIXEye.

Multiple tabs

FIXEye allows creating multiple data windows (tabs). It is possible to specify different search text, filter, and view for each data window.

  • To add a new tab, click the New Message View button. You can also press Ctrl+T.
  • New data window with a clear search box will appear next to the current one.

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