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Replication tool 1.0

June 30, 2020

The major feature of this release is support of FIX Antenna Java's session logs. The Replication tool determines a type of session logs automatically (FAC++ or FAJ) and does not require any additional configuration. However FIX Antenna Java must be configured in a particular way having the following properties with certain values for the Replication tool to operate correctly:

Property NameProhibited Value(s) Allowed Value(s)






Resetting of sequence numbers in session isn't supported, you must create a new session instead.

Breaking changes

The behavior in accept all mode has been changed. The Replication tool creates a folder for each tag folder in replication.client.folder.default.path path now. Please, make sure that you have set this path correctly. You can't set a particular path for any tag folder now also. Note: accept all mode is the mode, when property replication.client.folders is empty or not set at all.

Server's sideClient' side
Folders list replication.server.folders =replication.client.folders =


  • subfolder1
  • subfolder2


  • default
    • subfolder1
    • subfolder2

Features and improvements

  • FIX Antenna Java logs storage support is implemented.
  • Added the shell script for Linux.
  • Added batch script files for service commands for Windows:
    • client.service.install.bat
    • client.service.stop.bat
    • client.service.uninstall.bat
    • server.service.install.bat
    • server.service.stop.bat
    • server.service.uninstall.bat
  • Improved logging for the server and client modes.
  • Improved logging and console output for the admintool mode.
  • Improved console output for the usage through the Windows Services.
  • The application checks port for client and admintool modes and shows error message if they match: 

    You must not use the same port for the client connection and for the admin tool server!

Logging improvements

  • Added warnings for an incomplete set of session log files: 

    Could not find an incoming index file <file name>.  Check incomingStorageIndexed property (should be true)
    Could not find an in/out log file for the session <session name>. You may use a Sliced File Storage type. Filesystem and MMF are only allowed.
  • Admintool console messages are more clear:

    Replication session list request has been sent. Waiting for a response...
    Stop command in <mode name> mode has been sent. Waiting for a response...
    The replication session <session name> was successfully stopped
    Failed to stop the replication session <session name>
    Folder status request has been sent. Waiting for a response...
    The replication session <session name> is stopped
    The replication session <session name> is NOT stopped
  • Show message in console after successful install, uninstall, and start service:

    Service has been installed successfully
    Service has been uninstalled successfully
    Service has been started successfully

Fixed bugs

  • The Replication tool did not set default timeout interval between connection attempts for client: replication.client.timeoutMs.
  • The application did not set the default value for replication.server.timeoutMs.
  • The Replication tool did not scan folders in the server mode when path folder had slashes ("\") and backslashes ("/") at the end.
  • The replication of a folder didn't continue after a gracefully stoppage.
  • Sometimes the admintool mode returned false value after stop command executed, although command was sent successfully.
  • The server did not scan folders, when the foldersPollIntervalS property had negative values. Using negative values for foldersPollIntervalS is forbidden now:

    Invalid value for replication.client.foldersPollIntervalS! Value can't be < 0
    Invalid value for replication.server.foldersPollIntervalS! Value can't be < 0
    Client has sent invalid foldersPollInterval property.


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