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The guide below describes how to install FIXGrep on Linux servers. It may be also used for the procedure of upgrade to newer version.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Download Linux version of FIXGrep from client space or on
  2. Extract the  archive to the required directory. For example:

    Unpack the archive
    tar -xzvf FIXGrep- -C /FIXEdge/
  3. Request the license from or use the one you already own;
  4. Copy the license into the directory where the files are located:

    License update example
    cp /tmp/download/fixgrep.license /FIXEdge/fixgrep-
  5. Run the query.

    Query example
    ./fixgrep 35="0" /log/FIXEdge/*.in -o result.log