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There is a possibility to install multiple FIXEdge's instances on a single or different machines. Each FIXEdge’s instance requires it’s own FIXICC Agent instance, while all these instances can be monitored from single FIXICC GUI. If, for example, you have FIXEdge1, FIXEdge2, ..., FIXEdgeN instances in your root FIXEdge directory, then the best way is to make a copies of fixicc-agent folder - fixicc-agent1, fixicc-agent2, ..., fixicc-agentN - in the same directory.

Then each FIXICC Agent should be configured accordingly to FIXEdge instance, because default FIXICC Agent is configured to monitor only FIXEdge1 instance, so you will need to update file in each instance of fixicc-agent.

Also, in wrapper.conf file of each FIXICC Agent instance you will need to change these parameters:

# Title to use when running as a console
wrapper.console.title=FIXICC - Agent Server
# Name of the service
# Display name of the service
wrapper.ntservice.displayname=FIXICC - Agent Server
# Description of the service
wrapper.ntservice.description=FIXICC - Agent Server

These parameters are used when you are installing and starting FIXICC Agent as daemon. So each FIXICC Agent instance should have unique names in this set of parameters, for example:


wrapper.console.title=FIXICC - Agent Server1
wrapper.ntservice.displayname=FIXICC - Agent Server1
wrapper.ntservice.description=FIXICC - Agent Server1


wrapper.console.title=FIXICC - Agent Server2
wrapper.ntservice.displayname=FIXICC - Agent Server2
wrapper.ntservice.description=FIXICC - Agent Server2



wrapper.console.title=FIXICC - Agent ServerN
wrapper.ntservice.displayname=FIXICC - Agent ServerN
wrapper.ntservice.description=FIXICC - Agent ServerN
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