It is recommended to follow the steps listed below in order to upgrade FIXICC Agent and FIXICC UI.

Upgrade Preparation

  1. Download FIXICC package with its new version;
  2. (Skip this step if you install FIXICC / FIXICC Agent v. 2.9.16 or higher)
    Backup your current license file (fixaj2-license.bin). 
    If your license has expired or was lost, contact to obtain the new one;
  3. Export FIXICC servers configuration: File --> Export Configuration;
  4. Backup <fixicc-agent>\<conf> directory;
  5. Prepare configuration amendments in case you plan to change any credentials, destination folders, connection parameters, etc. Refer to configuration guides for assistance;
  6. Make sure you have sufficient administration permissions for further uninstall/install procedures.

FIXICC Agent Upgrade Procedure

FIXICC Agent upgrade on Linux

  1. Stop the FIXICC Agent process, if it's running, using fixicc-agent/bin/ script. Use script if the Agent was started by;
  2. Remove the FIXICC Agent process using fixicc-agent/bin/ script;
  3. Replace <fixicc-agent> directory with new files;
  4. Copy <fixicc-agent>\<conf> from backup directory to <fixicc-agent> directory;
  5. (Skip this step if you install FIXICC Agent v. 2.9.16 or higher)
    Copy your current FIXICC Agent license (fixaj2-license.bin) to the <FIXEdge> directory;
  6. Install the FIXICC Agent process using fixicc-agent/bin/ script;
  7. Start the FIXICC Agent process using fixicc-agent/bin/ script.

FIXICC Agent upgrade on Windows

  1. Unzip new FIXICC Agent to required destination;
  2. (Skip this step if you install FIXICC Agent v. 2.9.16 or higher)
    Copy your current FIXICC Agent license (fixaj2-license.bin) to the new FIXEdge\fixicc-agent\ directory;
  3. Remove the FIXICC Agent service from Windows Services;
  4. Install the FIXICC Agent service using FIXEdge\fixicc-agent\bat\installService.bat script;
  5. Start the FIXICC Agent service using FIXEdge\fixicc-agent\bat\startService.bat script.

FIXICC UI Upgrade Procedure

  1. Close FIXICC if it is running at the moment;
  2. Clean up directory C:\Users\%USER_NAME%\AppData\Roaming\.fixicc\;

    See Help -> About for actual working directory.

  3. Unzip new FIXICC to the destination directory;
  4. Run FIXICC from the new <fixicc>\<bin> directory;
  5. (Skip this step if you install FIXICC v. 2.9.16 or higher)
    Import the FIXICC license (fixaj2-license.bin) file using Help -> Import License menu;
  6. Import the servers configuration from saved file: File --> Import Configuration;
  7. Connect to the FIXICC Agent with Username=user and Password=pass.

    Actual credentials are disclosed under [users] in of the FIXICC Agent.

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