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FIXEye 4.1.0 / FIXEye Agent 2.1.0 Release Notes

FIXEye 4.1.0 with FIXEye Agent 2.1.0 released on December 19, 2018

New version includes the following new features:

  • Context search performance has been significantly (by one order of magnitude) improved
  • Added ability to search data in files stored in Splunk


  • Description of searching options has been added. See documentation.

Fixed critical bugs:

  • Context search or Show ALL search works incorrectly with mixed logs(e.g. FixEdge.log) - doesn't find all messages 

FIXEye 4.0.11 / FIXEye Agent Release Notes

FIXEye 4.0.11 with FIXEye Agent released on September 10, 2018

New Features and improvements

  • New search mechanism: search for tags by the value and use of regular expressions were added which led to 60 times increase in search performance. 

Breaking changes

Known issues

  • Messages Compare window freezes while expanding large repeating groups (more than 100 entries)
  • FIXEye cannot stop correctly if connection with FIXEye Agent has been established
  • FIXEye does not show a message of a length more than 40 000 bytes in raw filter or compare view