FIXEye Agent 2.3.0

FIXEye Agent was released on October 15, 2021

A new version includes FIXICC H2 21Q3 compatibility.

FIXEye 4.3 / FIXEye Agent 2.2.0 / FIXGrep 1.5 Release Notes

FIXEye 4.3 with FIXEye Agent 2.2.0 and FIXGrep 1.5 released on October 1, 2021

New version includes the following new features:

  • QuickFIX dictionaries support
  • Support of pipe symbol as a delimiter
  • Define individual dictionary for the particular log file
  • Ignore the newline symbols during the parsing

FIXEye 4.2.51 Release Notes

FIXEye 4.2.51 released on February 15, 2021

Fixed bugs:

  • Invalid characters in a filename lead to FIXEye failure.

FIXEye 4.2.47 Release Notes

FIXEye 4.2.47 released on November 27, 2020

New version includes the following new features:

  • Paste FIX message into FIXEye. Ability to paste a FIX message or the sequence of FIX messages from the clipboard or type them manually in the new data window (tab) to process the message.
  • In/Out column in FIXEye message grid indicating direction of the messages. The column is sortable.
  • Renaming FIXEye Agent connection.
  • Searching for tags in message details window.
  • Migrated to x64 architecture

Fixed bugs:

  • FIXEye stops working if requested via FIXICC log is absent on the remote host
  • Content of remote FIX logs is not displayed as localhost is selected by default when FIXEye opens from FIXICC

Upgrading from the previous version:

  • It is recommended to backup the configuration file located at C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\B2BITS\FIXEye\FIXEye.user.config before upgrading.
    In case of issues after upgrading please uninstall the application completely including the application settings.
    Install and run the new version of the application and then restore the configuration from the backup.

FIXEye 4.1.0 / FIXEye Agent 2.1.0 Release Notes

FIXEye 4.1.0 with FIXEye Agent 2.1.0 released on December 19, 2018

New version includes the following new features:

  • Context search performance has been significantly (by one order of magnitude) improved
  • Added ability to search data in files stored in Splunk


  • Description of searching options has been added. See documentation.

Fixed critical bugs:

  • Context search or Show ALL search works incorrectly with mixed logs(e.g. FixEdge.log) - doesn't find all messages 

FIXEye 4.0.11 / FIXEye Agent Release Notes

FIXEye 4.0.11 with FIXEye Agent released on September 10, 2018

New Features and improvements

  • New search mechanism: search for tags by the value and use of regular expressions were added which led to 60 times increase in search performance. 

Breaking changes

Known issues

  • Messages Compare window freezes while expanding large repeating groups (more than 100 entries)
  • FIXEye cannot stop correctly if connection with FIXEye Agent has been established
  • FIXEye does not show a message of a length more than 40 000 bytes in raw filter or compare view