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FIX Client Simulator v.2.26.0

New Features and Improvements

  • FIX logs replay feature has been implemented
  • An ability to autoincrement tags while sending has been implemented
  • FIX Client Simulator persists the following data between program runs :
    • Position and size of main window.
    • Names and parameters of all created sessions. Sessions can be restored in connected or disconnected state. 
    • Edited message.
    • Value for Autoincrement tags edit box.
    • Values of Rate and Send Count controls for both Send Message and Replay tabs.
    • Values for other controls from Replay tab: Log file, Sequence numbers, Filter, Use timestamps and Speed.
    • Values for checkboxes from Events Viewer menu and Options menu.

and restores them at start.

FIX Client Simulator v.2.25.1

New Features and Improvements

Critical bugs and fixes

  • Tag number of the repeating group is invisible in message details window

FIX Client Simulator v2.21

New Features and improvements

  • MSVC 2010 Redistributable Package  has been added to Simple Client package

FIX Client Simulator v2.17

Critical bugs and fixes

  • Issue with usage of TLS v1.0 for SSL connection has been fixed.

FIX Client Simulator v2.16

New Features and Improvements

  • Extended options for "Reset sequence numbers" checkbox have been added

FIX Client Simulator v2.15

New Features and Improvements

  • Session rejects (35=3) are visible in EventViewer
  • Added an ability to send FIX 5.0+ messageseven if tag1128 is absent

FIX Client Simulator 2.14

New Features and improvements

  • SSL support has been added
  • In case there is only one session connected, all messages will be sent to it by default


  • The sample can't handle Logon response if ForceSeqNumReset option is on

FIX Client Simulator 2.13

  • Can't handle Logon response if ForceSeqNumReset option is on