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FIX Antenna Java 2.17.9

January 18, 2018

Critical bugs and fixes

  • Fixed processing of errors during synchronous message sending.

    • Problem description: IO error during storing a message to an outgoing storage may lead to losing the message without appropriate notification of customer code. This problem is actual for synchronous sending mode.

    • Solution: If it's impossible to store a message to outgoing storage, the message is added to internal session's outgoing queue for asynchronous delivering later. In case of problems with adding to the queue, RuntimeException is thrown to customers code.
  • Fixed validation of duplicated fields inside FIX message.

    • Problem description: Sequence of repeating groups in FIX message, which follow one by one, may lead to improperly failing validation of duplicated fields in the message.

    • Solution: Fixed processing of repeating groups during validation.

FIX Antenna Java 2.17.8

December 28, 2017

New Features and Improvements

  • License validation process changes.

    • Added closing of FIX session in case of receiving restricted by license message.

Critical bugs and fixes

  • Fixed parsing of repeating groups with zero in leading tag value.

    • Problem description: RG API throws exception if it tries to index leading tag of repeating group with '0' value.

    • Solution: Fixed indexing of repeating groups.
  • Fixed loading of stored session configuration on session creation.

    • Problem description: FIX session loads its persistent runtime state on initialization/connection stage. But sometimes, loaded session runtime information might be necessary to change after creating session and before the connection. 

    • Solution: Added preload of runtime configuration on session creation.

FIX Antenna Java 2.17.7

December 13, 2017

New Features and Improvements

  • Custom configuration for SSLFIXServer.

    • Added new constructor with Configuration object as parameterIt allows creating secure FIX server with custom configuration.
  • FIXVersionContainer instance using only dictionary file.

    • Added new builder within FIXVersionContainer class. It allows building and initialization of FIXVersionContainer instance only with FIX dictionary file. It simplifies customization of FIX sessions.

Critical bugs and fixes

  • Fixed processing of NextExpectedSeqNum(789) tag in Logon.

    • Problem description: Counterparty sends  Logon(A) message with NextExpectedSeqNum(789) tag lower than the actual session's outgoing sequence number. FIX Antenna's acceptor session sent SequenceReset(4) message with invalid lower NewSeqNo(36) tag during processing such Logon(A).

    • Solution: Improved processing of NextExpectedSeqNum(789) for acceptor FIX session.
  • Fixed the mechanism that processes incoming TCP connections.

    • Problem description: Queuing of incoming TCP connections and discarding them by timeout. Multiple clients establishing TCP connections simultaneously (with some clients not sending Logon(A)).

    • Solution: Changed implementation of threadpool, which services handlers for incoming connections.

FIX Antenna Java 2.17.6

November 28, 2017

Critical bugs and fixes

  • Fixed parsing of high-precision timestamps with partial fractions of seconds for SendingTime(52) and OriginalSendingTime(122) tags.

    • Problem description: While generic parser, which is used for accessing timestamps in clients code was fixed in FIXAJ 2.17.5, system handlers still used old parsing mechanism and timestamps with partial fractions of seconds in SendingTime(52) and OriginalSendingTime(122) which led to errors.

    • Solution: System handlers were updated to use new fixed parsing mechanism for timestamps.

FIX Antenna Java 2.17.5

November 24, 2017

Critical bugs and fixes

  • Fixed parsing of high-precision timestamps with partial fractions of seconds.

    • Problem description: Some vendors may send timestamps with partial fractions of seconds, for example, 12:30:30.5 (only 1 digit for milliseconds instead of 3). Such timestamps led to parsing errors.

    • Solution: Parser for timestamps was improved to correctly process such timestamps.

FIX Antenna Java 2.17.4

November 15, 2017

Critical bugs and fixes

  • Fixed high-precision timestamps in storages.

    • Problem description: High-precision timestamps in outgoing storage were invalid and greater than SendingTime(52) of stored messages for 1-2 seconds.

    • Solution: Сode, which calculated micro and nanoseconds timestamps for storages, was fixed.
  • Fixed serialization of FIX messages when using FIXSession#sendWithChanges() method.

    • Problem description: After fix in 2.17.3, FIXSession#sendWithChanges() method call for synchronous sending led to removing SMH and SMT tags in original message.

    • SolutionSynchronous serialization of messages was improved. SMH and SMT may be updated with actual sending values or left unchanged depending on ChangesType parameter.
  • Improved processing of TestReques(1) messages.

    • Problem description: If counterparty sends no messages during heartbeat interval, FIX engine, according to FIX protocol, sends TestRequest(1). Then it waits for another heartbeat interval for response (Hearbeat(0) message with TestReqId(112) tag). If response is not received, engine closes session unconditionally, even if communication is restored and counterparty starts sending other messages. 

    • Solution: Strict condition for waiting TestRequest(1) response was updated and any incoming message cancels countdown counter now.
  • Restored processing of NextExpectedSeqNum(789) tag in Logon.
    • Problem description: FIXAJ ignored NextExpectedSeqNum(789) tag in Logon(A) messages.

    • Solution: Restored logic for handleSeqNumAtLogon option. This option allows to handle NextExpectedSeqNum(789) tag in incoming Logon(A) and sets this tag for outgoing Logon(A) message for sessions with FIX 4.4 protocol and above.

FIX Antenna Java 2.17.3

November 2, 2017

Critical bugs and fixes

  • Fixed FIXSession#sendWithChanges() method and made it possible to send messages synchronously.

    • Problem description: FIXSession#sendWithChanges() always sent messages asynchronously, even when preferredSendingMode option was set to sync.

    • Solution: Improved behaviour of FIXSession#sendWithChanges() method.

FIX Antenna Java 2.17.2

October 26, 2017

Critical bugs and fixes

  • Fixed parsing of FIX messages with nested repeating groups for RG API.

    • Problem description: There was ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException exception during a parsing of FIX message with nested repeating groups (with 3 nested levels). Problem was related to Repeating Group API functional.

    • Solution: Resizing strategy for stuctures used for parsing repeating groups was fixed.

FIX Antenna Java 2.17.1

September 13, 2017

Critical bugs and fixes

  • Fixed exception raised when updating String fields in prepared message

    • Problem description: There was invalid field value in the message after the series of its updates with shorter and longer strings.

    • Solution: Fixed methods for updating character values

FIX Antenna Java 2.17.0

September 1, 2017

New Features and Improvements

  • Implemented options to configure CPU affinity. 

    • New session's configuration parameters recvCpuAffinity, sendCpuAffinity and cpuAffinity allow pinning session's thread to selected CPU.

Critical bugs and fixes

  • Fixed exception during the update of String fields in prepared message.

    • Problem description: There was IndexOutOfBoundsException during an update of the field in prepared message. The exception occurred in the case when new value had lower size than the old one.

    • Solution: Fixed methods for character values update.

FIX Antenna Java 2.16.5

January 10, 2018

Critical bugs and fixes

  • Fixed validation of duplicated fields inside FIX message.

    • Problem description: Sequence of repeating groups in FIX message, which follow one by one, may lead to improperly failing validation of duplicated fields in the message.

    • Solution: Fixed processing of repeating groups during validation.

FIX Antenna Java 2.16.4

August 18, 2017

New Features and Improvements

  • Obfuscation has been disabled for default global and per-type message handlers. 

    • Сlients become able to extend default logic and build customized solution without braking down default behaviour.
  • Scripts for roundtrip benchmark has been splited to run client's and server's parts separatelly.

    • To get the real result it better to run different parts of this benchmark on different boxes. New running scripts allows to do this easier.

Critical bugs and fixes

  • Improved accepting several connections simultaneously

    • Problem description: In case of large amount of slow connections (means that they send Logon(A) with some delay after establishing connection) some of them can be discarded. FIX server processed all connections in single thread and, by default configuration, it can wait up to 5 second for Logon for each connection. It was lead to queuing new incomming connections and even to their discardic by timeout.

    • Solution: Processing of incomming connections were reorganized to work with Executors.

FIX Antenna Java 2.16.3

August 4, 2017

New Features and Improvements

  • Scripts for installing FIXAJ libraries into client’s local repository has been added to package

    • Added Maven build configuration script for deploying FIX Antenna libraries into client’s local repository
    • Added description for maven dependency section with FIX Antenna libraries (can be copied to client’s project configuration after importing artifacts)
  • Round trip benchmark has been added

    • The new benchmark samples, which used for measuring latest results, were added to package
  • An ability to leverage Java 8 notation for functional interface to load handlers for message processing in FIX sessions

    • FIXAJ used only java reflection to load messages handlers. Such strategy was a problem to link custom client’s handlers with other application infrastructure (Spring integration for example). Custom loader, for example, allows to extract the existing handler from application context.

Critical bugs and fixes

  • Fixed FIX session message reading mechanism for sessions with disabled validateGarbledMessage option.

    • Problem description: Sometimes, during reading big messages (3K and above) by FIX session with disabled validateGarbledMessage option, massage had tags with wrong length.

    • Solution: Fixed indexes in message reader during remapping of internal buffer.

FIX Antenna Java 2.16.2

July 20, 2017

Critical bugs and fixes

  • Fixed API backward compatibility

    • Fixed backward compatibility in API for building timestamps for storages 

FIX Antenna Java 2.16.1

July 11, 2017

Critical bugs and fixes

  • Fixed messages serialization with ChangesType.UPDATE_SMH_AND_SMT_EXCEPT_COMPIDS

    • Updated behavior: SubIds and LocationIds, configured in session parameters,  will be added to message only of there is no correcponding CompId

FIX Antenna Java 2.16.0

July 5, 2017

MIFID II support

  • Timestamps with increased precision can be validated in incoming messages (in UTCTimestamp, UTCTimeOnly, TZTimestamp, TZTimeOnly)
  • Timestamps in SendingTime (52), OrigSendingTime (122) are filled with configurable precision (timestampsPrecisionInTags option)
  • Public API is extended to operate timestamps with additional precision
  • Timestamps in message storages are filled with configurable precision (timestampsPrecisionInLogs, backupTimestampsPrecision options)

For more MIFID II compliance details see

Migrated source code to Java 8

  • Now FIXAJ libraries are built with Java 8. Previous version of JRE may not be supported.

FIX Message API and RG API improvements

  • Allowed to parse RG with custom dictionaries
    • Public API is extended to use FIXVersionContainer as well as FIXVersion for indexing repeating groups inside the message
  • Optimized prepared messages
    • Problem description: Prepared messages didn’t handle string values in optimal way – it splitted internal buffer for every string tag 
    • Solution: Leave internal buffer unsplitted till the new string values length is smaller than reserved in buffer and fill the string end with spaces
  • Allowed to get the FIX version for read message
    • Added fixVersion property to FIXFielList class. This property is filled with session’s FIX version to allow indexing repeating groups with correct dictionary

Logging improvements

  • Improve warn message logging
  • Updated logged license description (contacts)
  • Changed IgnoreMessageHandler to warn rejected messages
  • Changed the logging level for duplicated incoming sessions from ERROR to WARN 

JMS Adapter

  • Fixed JMS Adaptor reconnection
  • Changed ILinkRejectMessageHandler to warn rejected messages

Other improvements

  • Updated internal security (license) mechanism
  • FIX dictionaries were updated to 1.5.48
  • Allow to throw IOException by initiator for FIXSession.connect()
    • Problem description: Autoreconnect initiator session not always notify called about connection problems
    • Solution: Fixed connect logic – now all IOException will be thrown up to caller
  • Initialization of InMemoryStorageFactory was fixed
    • Problem description: Warning was printed to log during InMemoryStorageFactory initialization. Engine tries to initialize storage with constructor and pass its configuration as a parameter to constructor. If storage doesn’t have parametrized constructor, the warning is printed to log.
    • Solution: Parametrized constructor as added to InMemoryStorageFactory class.
  • Made FIXFieldListWithTypeFactory visible and able to use
    • Problem description: Reusing of Queue implementations sometimes requires access to FIXFieldListWithTypeFactory
    • Solution: Removed obfuscation for FIXFieldListWithTypeFactory class
  • Suppress sending session qualifier tag in Logon(A) message
    • Problem description: SessionParameters.sessionQualifier property sent in Logon(A) message if defined as 9012 tag by default (logonMessageSessionQualifierTag property). 
    • Solution: New 'suppressSessionQualifierTagInLogonMessage' property as added to suppress sending session qualifier tag in Logon(A) message if this property set to true.
  • Improved processing of connection abrupt during sending message
    • Problem description: When connection abrupt during sending message, this message may be lost.
    • Solution: In case of connection abruption during sending message, engine throws TransportMessagesNotSentException with message content to notify caller about the possible problems.
  • Added possibility to process sequence gap open/close events and ResendRequest processing events
    • FIXSessionOutOfSyncListener was added to ExtendedFIXSession API
  • Allowed to prevent sending of ResetSeqNumFlag(141) in Logon(A) message after resetting sequences
    • Added new configuration option IGNORE_RESET_SEQ_NUM_FLAG_ON_RESET

FIX Message API and RG API bugfixes

  • Fixed problem with RG API after adding/removing tags before RG
    • Problem description: Accessing to RG entries throwed IllegalArgumentException after removing or adding tags before RG.
    • Solution: Fixed operations with internal RG index.
  • Fixed NPE in RG API
    • Problem description: NPE occurred during reusing the instance of FIXFieldList
    • Solution: Fixed initialization procedure for internal RG index
  • Fixed message deep copy operation
    • Problem description: There was NPE during accessing RG in cloned message with indexed repeating groups
    • Problem description: There was NPE during cloning message with invalidated RG index
    • Solution: Fixed deep copy operation for FIX message
  • Fixed FIXFieldList reinitialization
    • Problem description: Sometimes after reusing of FIXFieldList instance, it contained wrong RG index.
    • Solution: Fixed FIXFieldList.clear() method to clean RG index too
  • Fixed parsing and validating RG with nested groups
    • Problem description: There was exception during indexing RGs with nested groups
    • Solution: Indexing of nested repeating groups was fixed
  • Fixed removing tags from repeating groups
  • Fixed problems in FIXFieldList with creating/removing RG
    • Problem description: There was exception during removing just added empty repeating group
    • Problem description: There was exception with adding again just removed empty repeating group
    • Solution: Fixed internal RG index
  • Fixed problem with caching FIXField instances within FIXFieldList
    • Problem description: There was invalid FIXField objects for removed tags after removing whole repeating group via RG API
    • Solution: Fixed removing tags operations to update the FIXFied cache

Scheduller bugfixes

  • Fixed session’s scheduler to use correct time zone
    • Problem description: Scheduler always used default Time Zone for its tasks.
    • Solution: Fixed scheduler to use Time Zone from ScheduledSessionParameters.
  • Added method for closing scheduller
    • Problem descriptionScheduledFIXServer.stop() didn’t stop the scheduler thread
    • Solution: ScheduledFIXServer.stop() has been updated to stop the scheduler too

Oher critical bugs and fixes

  • Fix messages serialization with ChangesType.UPDATE_SMH_AND_SMT_EXCEPT_COMPIDS
    • Added EncryptMethod(98) for Logon(A)
    • Fixed BodyLength (9) value
  • Fixed garbled messages parsing
    • Problem description: Extra garbage character after FIX message in stream led to IOException and invalid reader state
    • Solution: Fixed parser to skip extra chanracters as a garbage
    • Problem description: Empty MsgSeqNum(34) tag value in incoming Logon(A) message led to unexpected exception.
    • Solution: Added validation for empty value and marking such message as garbled
  • Fixed reinit sequence numbers after session's initialization
  • Fixed transport closing on session's abnormal disconnect
    • Problem description: During abnormal disconnect due to error, session’s transport was left opened and this led to writing queued message to it by pumper thread and to losing them.
    • Solution: Added closing transport on abnormal disconnect
  • Fixed to ignore buffered messages with lower seq numbers after resend request fill gap
    • Problem description: In case of processing sequence gap for incoming messages, new messages may be buffered by message reader. In case of processing several gaps one-by-one, answer for ResendRequest may include buffered messages and such messages in buffer should be skipped from further processing.
    • Solution: Added extra condition for processing buffered messages in message reader to skip processed messages
  • Fixed NPE in TCPTransport
    • Problem description: NPE is thrown when case when accessing address and port properties for closed transport
    • Solution: Updated methods to return configured host and port instead the runtime socket parameters

FIX Antenna Java 2.12.29

FIX Antenna Java 2.12.29 released on 2 June, 2015.


  • Potential conflict causing duplication sequence numbers  (if reset defined for session in configuration and called explicitly) was resolved.

    SolutionInternal flag was added for control and prevent second sequence reset.

  • Issue with sending corrupted messages was fixed.


    FIXFieldList orderMsg = newFIXFieldList();
    //update in arena storage
    //original message is “11=123456789 55=IBM”
    //but copy is coruupted: “11=12345678955=”
    FIXFieldList copy = orderMsg.deepClone(truefalse);

    Solution: Internal message structure was fixed and new verification test was added.

  • Obfuscation from QuietLogonModeHandler was removed.

    Solution: This class was excluded from obfuscation procedure.

FIX Antenna Java 2.12.28

FIX Antenna Java 2.12.29 released on 15 May, 2015.


  • Backup file overwriting issue was fixed. 
    Problem description: Backup file name contains timestamp with seconds. If the backup procedure processed twice at the same second, it may lead to overwriting of existing backup file (same name with the same timestamp). For example, duplicate call for reset sequences within the same    second may lead to overwriting of new backup file.
    Solution: Verification for uniqueness of file name during creating backup. New unique index to backup file name in case of duplication was added.
  • Issue with unnecessary backup file creation in some specific cases was fixed. 
    Problem description: If the backup procedure was called for session at the moment when storage files are empty (there were no stored messages yet), then empty files will be backuped. For example, duplicate sequence reset call within short period of time may lead to copying of empty files. 
    Solution: Check for the file size during backup of storage files was added.
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